Welcome to the Bittersweet Lakes Community Association

Swimming Pool/Tennis Courts

 The tennis courts remain open all year. Please note these reminders: Smoking is prohibited all around the pool/clubhouse/tennis courts/parking lot. Glass containers are not allowed. The Club House is available for rent all year.  Please call Marti Harrington for more information. 

Subdivision Signs

 Just a reminder that our subdivision has restrictive covenants in place to maintain our neighborhood appearance and home values.  The covenants allow a single sign on the homeowner property to advertise the sale of the property.  There are no signs allowed at any subdivision entrance or other common areas unless approved by the association board of directors.  The board has approved the following exceptions: 

* Garage Sale Signs - homeowners may place garage sale signs on their property and in common areas on the day of the garage sale.  The signs must be removed promptly after the sale ends.

* Realtor Open House Signs - a homeowner or their realtor may place "Open House" signs in common areas for a limited time prior to the open house.  The sign must be removed when the open house ends.  A homeowner may place one realtor or "For Sale" sign on their property during the process of selling their property.  No realtor or homeowner "For Sale" sign may be placed in any common area with the exception of an "Open House" sign.

* Other Signs - homeowners are permitted to display small, appropriate signs on their property for home security systems, school team signs, and political signs that are to be displayed for a reasonable time prior to an election.  These signs are not allowed in common areas. 

Community Email Mail List

 Don't forget to sign up for our email list.  This way we can communicate through email, including dues notifications, swimming pools, tennis courts, neighborhood sales, and more!  Please use the Board email address at the bottom.   Please contact us at the address below.   Bittersweet Lakes Community Association, Inc. 6225 Bittersweet Lakes Run Fort Wayne, IN 46814 board@bittersweetlakes.com 

Bittersweet Lakes Homeowners Association

Bittersweet Lakes Homeowners Association 6225 Bittersweet Lakes Run Fort Wayne, IN 46814 US

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