Board Members, Officers, and Committees

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(Residents may refer to the Bittersweet Lakes Directory for volunteer e-mail contacts / phone numbers.)


Bittersweet Lakes Community Association, Inc.


                  Board of Directors                                                       Term Expires April of:

                        Karen Peak 2019
  Kyle Ness 2021
  Steve Marks         2020
Marti Harrington 2019
Renae Kollen 2020


                     Karen Peak, President                                                                      

                     Kyle Ness, V.P. / Secretary                                                          

                     Steve Marks, Treasurer                                                                      


Architectural Committee:               

                     Greg Bell                                                                                              

                     Steve Marks                                                                                         

Finance Committee:

                     Steve Marks
     Deb Miller                                                                                            

                     Erin Whittle

Grounds / Maintenance Committee:

                      Marti Harrington, Clubhouse   
                      Renae Kollen, General Grounds                                          
Darlene Sarkisian, Ponds/Lakes  
      Lisa Weaver, Landscaping

Pool Committee / Club House Committee:

                       Marti Harrington, Rentals                                                                                     

 Welcome, Social and Communications Committee:

                        Cheryl Shinabarger, Directories                                                                  
Linda & Bob Hall, Greeters                                                                                                                                                 Karen Peak, Newsletters & Mailings                             

Decorations Committee  

                         Jennifer Chaffee                                                          

                         Helen Nill                                                                       

Nominating Committee   

                          Marti Harrington                                                                   
Deb Miller                                                                            
                      Karen Peters                                                            


**Streetlight Repair** - Call 427-1236 (Fort Wayne City Light Operations) with the number off the base of the streetlight